The Ghost Energy drinks offered by Yumada Fishing is a truly unique and exclusive beverage that is sure to elevate your fishing performance to new heights. Inspired by popular and awesome candies such as Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids, this energy drink brings the flavors and excitement of these treats to your fishing experience. As one of the rare drinks available in Singapore, alongside PRIME, the Ghost Energy drink showcases Yumada Fishing's commitment to offering exceptional products to the Singaporean market. Unlike other energy drink options, Yumada Fishing focuses solely on providing beverages that enhance the fishing experience, ensuring that anglers have access to premium and hard-to-find drinks. With Ghost Energy, you can enjoy the thrill of fishing while indulging in the delicious flavors that will keep you energized and ready for action. Get ready to catch your biggest fish yet with the exclusive Ghost Energy drink from Yumada Fishing!

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  • Sour Patch Blue Raspberry
  • Sour Patch Red Raspberry
  • Swedish Fish