Introducing the B'Freeze, the flagship jerkbait by Lucky Craft Japan (known as Pointer in the USA) that embodies the pinnacle of lure making technology. Crafted in Japan with unparalleled attention to detail, no effort is spared in creating this masterpiece. The B'Freeze boasts a lively and powerful action, effortlessly sliding from side to side, captivating even the most elusive fish. Don't be fooled by its small profile - this jerkbait offers excellent castability, allowing you to reach those distant hotspots with ease. Prepare to witness unrivalled performance as Lucky Craft lures continue to dominate major bass tournaments worldwide. Elevate your fishing game with the B'Freeze and experience the ultimate thrill on the water. 🎣 Lure: Lucky Craft B’Freeze 78S Type: Sinking Jerkbait Position: Saltwater Length: 78mm Weight: 10.2g/ 11.3g Hook: #6 Depth: 1-1.2m Target Species: Grouper, Seabass, Mangrove Jack

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