The Multi Species Double Hunter Rig: A Versatile Rig for Fishing Enthusiasts

The Yumada Fishing Multispecies Double Hunter: A Versatile Rig for Fishing Enthusiasts
Are you a fishing enthusiast looking for a versatile rig targeting various species? Look no further than the Yumada Fishing Multispecies Double Hunter. In this blog post, I will discuss the rig's features and benefits and share some exciting fishing experiences.

Introducing the Yumada Fishing Multispecies Double Hunter. The Yumada Fishing Multispecies Double Hunter is a specially designed rig ideal for fishing in various environments, including jetties, shores, and boats. It comes in two variants, 15 pounds, and 25 pounds, with hook sizes ranging from one to six. This rig is most effective with baits like wattwat, peeled prawns, and sandworms.

How to Use the Multispecies Double Hunter

The rig is designed with two separate loops—one at the top to clip onto your line and one at the bottom to clip onto your weight. The larger loop is intended for larger weights, allowing you to adapt to different fishing conditions. It also features two simple T knots with hook sizes ranging from one to six. While all sizes can be used effectively, size six is considered the most versatile. Whether you're fishing from a jetty, shore, or boat, this rig is suitable for all.

Casting the Multispecies Double Hunter is a breeze due to its uniformity. With nothing trailing behind, you can cast it quite far without any hassle. Just put it behind you and let it fly. Its casting efficiency was tested, and the results were impressive. Anglers reported being able to cast extremely far and target various fish species such as pomfret, whiting, emperors, golden snappers, and mangrove jack.
Real-Life Fishing Experiences with the Multispecies Double HunterTo showcase the effectiveness of the Yumada Fishing Multispecies Double Hunter, Haikkel, Lucas and Ben went on an offshore trip to the Southern Islands. The excitement was palpable as they were eager to put the rig to the test. The day started with a successful catch—a barramundi caught on a customized mustard jig head by one of the anglers. It was a promising start to a day filled with anticipation.

As the day progressed, the anglers continued to experience success using the Multispecies Double Hunter. The rig proved to be a magnet for various fish species, leading to an eventful and rewarding fishing experience. From pomfrets to emperors, they caught a wide range of fish, both small and large, thanks to the versatility of this rig.
In addition to the exciting catches, the anglers also had some unexpected encounters during their fishing expedition. They received a routine police check, which initially startled them. However, it turned out to be a friendly conversation about fishing, and the anglers realized there was nothing to worry about. These experiences highlight the importance of being prepared and aware of any potential encounters while engaging in offshore fishing activities.

Preparing for an Offshore Trip with the Multispecies Double HunterAs the offshore trip came to an end, the team reflected on their day and the overall effectiveness of the Multispecies Double Hunter. They realized that the current conditions were unsuitable for targeting larger fish, so they decided to switch to this rig and found great success. It was a valuable lesson in adapting to different fishing situations and using the right gear for the job.
If you're planning an offshore trip and want to maximize your chances of success, consider packing a variety of rigs, including ones with shorter snoods, longer snoods, and super long snoods. This way, you can adjust your fishing approach based on the behavior of the fish and optimize your chances of landing a catch. It's always best to be prepared for all scenarios, and the Multispecies Double Hunter is an excellent addition to your fishing gear collection.

Final Thoughts

The Yumada Fishing Multispecies Double Hunter is a versatile rig that can greatly enhance your fishing experience. Whether you're fishing from a jetty, shore, or boat, this rig provides excellent casting efficiency and the ability to catch a wide range of fish species. Its flexibility allows for adaptation to different fishing conditions, giving you the confidence to tackle any situation.
Remember to always be prepared for unexpected encounters during your fishing trips, such as routine police checks. Maintaining a friendly and respectful attitude can go a long way in ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved.
So, the next time you're planning an offshore trip, make sure to include the Yumada Fishing Multispecies Double Hunter in your tackle box. With its versatility and effectiveness, you'll be well-equipped for a successful and enjoyable fishing adventure. Tight lines!

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